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Peihong Endris

Peihong Endris

Peihong D Endris was born in China in 1959 and graduated from the central Academy of Fine Arts in 1993. From 1990 to 1999. Peihong worked as an art editor for the Beijing Review, a magazine of the China International Publishing Group. Peihong is one of the artists whose works have been collected in the Famous Paintings and Calligraphies in China.  Her works were also collected in 1995 in Uncut Jade, a corpus of  women artists in this century. Rooted in Chinese traditions, Peihong paints with a vigorous style.Her paintings, carrying profound messages, have been exhibited both inside and outside China.  Peihong’s works have been included in several art books.  Her painting, “Fragrant Moonlit Night,” was presented by the Chinese Government to the French Government. People in the United States, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and elsewhere have collected her work. Peihong has had her work exhibited Houston, Dallas, San Francisco, Beijing, Tokyo, etc. Since 1999, Peihong has made her home in the U.S., where she teaches Chinese brush painting and continues  to develop her own style.

Peihong Endris offers Chinese Watercolor Classes. Summer Schedule
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