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Kim Jen

Kim Jen

Kimvak Jen is a chinese brush painting artist with over twenty years of painting experience. She has shown paintings in galleries in the Houston, Texas area. She studied Chinese brush painting from a very young age at which time she became fascinated by how nature laid out such beauty before us. Painting has become her life, she realized that one has to free them self in order to roam and find their true self in art. What is willfully sought cannot always be found. What comes unforced is often enlightenment accidentally found. Kim loves to instill life into her paintings, making them spring to life. A good painting has life and soul. Color is another important ingredient on must be aware of, because color brings life. There is no comparison of artificial flowers to real natural flowers which spring into life that lives right on the canvas. Color of music, painting is like a symphony orchestra, with all the different musical instruments. Beethoven composed such beautiful everlasting music, this is the same as a painting, the colors are the same ingredients a good painting needs. Kim loves black and white, dark and light, they are extremely powerful despite their simple nature. Kim has won multiple awards at Pearland Arts League and was chose to be a featured artist by the Galveston Art League in 2014 and 2019.

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