About Us

About Us

Who we are

The Pearland Arts League (PAL) began as a ‘brain-storming’ session in October 2003, initiated by Pearland Mayor Tom Reid among a diverse group of Pearland-area residents, brought together by a shared interested in promoting fine arts within the community.

The group’s purpose centers on incorporating the artistic talents of local residents under one community umbrella.  Governed by an elected board, the PAL structure is a self-governing, community-directed non-profit entity with membership open to everyone in the Pearland area. Watch for PAL-sanctioned events showcasing talent around the city.

It is the PAL board’s sincere wish that every interested member of the community will have the opportunity to participate in the Pearland Arts League.

Vision – A Community in which artistic excellence is celebrated, supported, and made available to all.

Mission Statement – To enrich the Pearland-area community and applauds it’s diversity by supporting works of artistic excellence, identifying venues to enable the display of artistic expression to the public, and strengthening the arts endeavor throughout the community.

Goal – To encourage and support artistic creativity and promote recognition within the community, make the arts more widely available to the public in a variety of venues throughout the community, and develop and maintain partnerships that advance the mission of the Pearland Arts League in the community.

Exhibition Funding

This web page and projects are supported by a City of Pearland Cultural Arts Grant program from the City of Pearland Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Pear-Scape Project

The sculptured painted Pears featured on this website were painted by Pearland Arts League Artists for a project envisioned and sponsored by the Pearland Convention and Visitors Bureau. To learn more about the Pear Scape project visit:  visitpearland.com/pearscape.

Pearland Scavenger Hunt

Pear-Scape map locations.

Pearland Arts League President, Naomi Stevens  and  Mayor Tom Reid are leading the way for artists in Pearland.  PAL invites artists from all mediums, ages and cultures to participate in the Pearland Arts League. Artists, gallery owners, theater groups, art educators, actors, supporters, volunteers and the art minded are encouraged to join this organization and attend monthly meetings that promote the arts in Pearland.